Reflections during a Pandemic -Part One


Mardi’s Blog

This is a time of contemplation and soul searching as we deal worldwide with the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is a time to figure hope and generosity of spirit into our everyday lives. We try to find reason.  We try to find solutions.  We must be patient and we must trust in this time of uncertainty.  As an artist, I create paintings that reflect my response however jagged or aimless that may appear.  Street Art Messages  (http://www.mardisart/Urban art) is just one piece I did a few months ago that was inspired by graffiti and street art that seems to be so prevalent worldwide, just as this pandemic now is. I wanted to write about it as I try to understand and process the situation we are in now.
It feels so much deeper, so much more expansive, so hard to fathom.  And there is anger and frustration.  I think its a time for artists to help the planet process all of this, though I'm not sure exactly how. 

I really believe it's about kindness, empathy and understanding.  Probably this is an enormous lesson for most of us right now.  I certainly think so for me.   Suddenly its not important to be going out.  It doesn't really matter what I decide to wear today or tomorrow.  Lately, I feel I want to gather up "things" and give them away.  It is a time of reflection.  Its a time to produce new work.  A time to define the situation by color, texture, pattern and line.  A time to document through art a historical phenomenon.

Let's see what I produce next.

Thanks for reading!